About us

About Us

Welcome to The Hopeless Kitchen! We are the Kazi sisters! We have created The Hopeless Kitchen blog to share our lovely Mother’s recipes. We are the cooks, writers, and photographers, and our mother is the Queen Mother who provides us with recipes and advice.

Our Mom has been cooking for over 45 years. Ninety percent of our childhood memories are about finger-licking delicious food our Mom made for us. She had this big, old diary where she wrote all the recipes she had learned from the cooking show that aired on TV. Food knows no boundaries. Our Mum learned cuisines from all over the world, and we were her happy test subjects. She just loves her food!!! And we are her wonderful daughters, just like her. Mind you, she had a fair amount of failure in trying to follow a recipe or trying to make her own recipe work. There were always some tiny minor problems here and there. That is why we name our blog Hopeless Kitchen. We are hopelessly in love with food, cooking, and eating, but we are also hopelessly unlucky when we cook. Haha! But that did not stop any of us from cooking.

This blog will showcase our Mom’s recipes. Mostly, we will share underappreciated but incredibly delicious Bangladeshi cuisine. As well as our Mom's take on international cuisines and recipes she has developed by herself with our love-stricken but remarkably helpful feedback. Follow us! You can follow us via Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. If you cook with our recipes, we would love to see them! You can use the hashtag #thehopelesskitchenbd or tag us @thehopelesskitchenbd on Instagram. We appreciate and welcome your comments and feedback.

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